Our educational mission is to help students overcome the fear of complex and intimidating text, allowing them to fully benefit from Shakespeare’s great works. Through Theatre Arts and the knowledge of Shakespeare, we help students become inspired, enriched, and give them the opportunity to learn to express themselves in better and more positive ways.

Shakespeare’s texts touch on experiences many individuals face in life…bullying, friendship, honesty, lying, deceit, relationships, courage and even advice: “This above all: to thine own self be true”, an example from Hamlet. These are all relatable issues our children face. Through Acting and Shakespeare exercises, our educational programs give students a new perspective that helps them gain confidence, gives them a voice and an outlet, which can lead to positive change. Our programs can even help define their career path.

Educational Programming

In-School Programming

SDP offers several variations of in-school performances and residencies to fit the particular needs of individual schools, and each is easily adaptable to fit the school’s goals and budgets. We know that with the current budget constraints, it is more important than ever for us to make the greatest effort to share culture and the arts with students. We provide an all-inclusive in-class program designed specifically to help students grades 6 to 12 unlock the magnificent world of William Shakespeare. SDP has aligned our programming to the Common Core Standards. All of our lessons and performances are led by trained Shakespearean actors, giving students the opportunity to explore the language through “page to stage” exercises, culminating in a complete understanding of the Bard’s text. These teachings smoothly translate to classes, as well as essays, and exams.

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This program will focus on the basic elements of theatre and understanding Shakespeare’s text within the context of history.

In this program, Being Shakespeare, we will balance Shakespeare’s plays and writing as well as other informational texts and examine them through an actor’s perspective. Students will interpret physicality, movement and analyze character development based on the given text to gain knowledge about the world and to create a well-rounded character. There will be both individual work and group collaboration throughout this program, which will conclude in a final performance in front of their peers.

The program will begin with textual analysis to engage in text-based conversations for an introduction on clues to breakdown the text. This is the foundation for understanding Shakespearean language.  After some basic textual exercises, students will begin to explore and play with the possibilities and choices an actor has when examining the text while building a transferable vocabulary. All students will have the opportunity to perform. A major component of this program is Character development, which they will do in writing from evidence taken from the plays.

Pricing varies per residency.

Speaking Shakespeare will examine Shakespeare's words by engaging in rich evidence based conversations about the text.  Text-based answers will also allow students to discover clues in the text (such as watching punctuation, iambic pentameter, etc.) which leads them to exercises in paraphrasing.  By paraphrasing, students will write from the sources and build their academic vocabulary directly from Shakespeare's texts.

Along with following the Common Core Learning Standards for ELA, Speaking Shakespeare will cover both Arts Standards 1 and 4.  For Standard 1, students will work in individual and group exercises to perform their paraphrasing samples.  Then, combining Standard 1 and 4, using the cultural aspects of Shakespeare's history, students will compare and contrast Elizabethan and current times.  This will further aid the understanding of the text.

Students will leave the program with a deeper knowledge and appreciation of Shakespeare's time in history, relevance to today's society, basic stage craft, and skills to analyze scripts for clues on how to speak and act the text, whether in class, as an actor or part of a creative team, or as an audience member.

Pricing varies per residency.

Community Programming

We take our education programs to public venues throughout the Buffalo/Niagara region to educate and entertain so that the beauty, wit, and wisdom of Shakespeare is made even more accessible. Shakespeare's texts touch on experiences many individuals face in life including challenges like bullying, deceit in relationships, and the struggle to summon courage.

His plays often impart practical advice, such as: “This above all: to thine own self be true,” an example from Hamlet. Through acting and Shakespeare exercises, our educational outreach programs give people a new perspective that helps them gain confidence and gives them a voice and an outlet, which can lead to positive outcomes.

During this intensive five-week, all-inclusive theatre program, high school students participate in classes four days a week where they learn about Shakespeare’s plays, the fundamentals of acting, and all aspects of theatre. The curriculum includes weekly master classes taught by working theatre professionals. The Shakesperience Apprentice Program fully engages students, allowing them to experience and explore all components of theatrical production. Students also gain practical technical experience, working on SDP performances. Students work with the SDP production crew and actors, both onstage and behind the scenes. You might see our apprentices setting up sound equipment, moving stage pieces, working with the lights, selling merchandise, welcoming our audiences while passing out programs, and even appearing on the stage in our professional productions. One of the special highlights of this program is the ShakespearIENCE Apprentice Production. Students in the summer program work on writing and rehearsing their own show during their classes, and then perform the show on stage. Many young actors received the start to their careers at SDP. A number of our local theatre professionals have also benefited from the training and experience they received from SDP.

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Designed for adults age 18 and over.

Join us for Shakespear-IENCED, a chance to find out more about Shakespeare, and the plays that will be on stage this summer.   SDP will offer three classes that will introduce participants to how actors use and rehearse Shakespeare’s texts, along with exploration of the themes, characters, and language in each of this summer’s offerings.

Please check back for our fall/winter schedule.

Shakespeare in Delaware Park is now offering a new senior education project that combines literature, theatre, recreation, and wellness. Workshops include fun, interactive lessons about the fundamentals of acting and theatre, understanding Shakespeare's plays, applying play's message to everyday life, reading aloud, writing, rehearsing, and performing a show!

Whether you are interested in a performance-based workshop or more of a passive discussion about Shakespeare's plays and motifs, SDP is more than happy to accommodate the needs of our participants.

If you'd like more information on our Senior Outreach Program, please contact our office at (716) 856-4533.

Family Friendly Guide & Wegmans Wednesdays

For our 2019 Summer Season, we were proud to collaborate with Wegmans on two exciting projects.  Our Family Friendly Guide, sponsored by Wegmans was inserted into our summer playbills for families to learn more about our summer productions.  The Family Friendly Guide is made up of games and activities like crossword puzzles, word searches, and more to help our young audience members engage with what’s happening onstage.

Along with the Family Friendly Guide, we are thrilled to have incorporated Wegmans Wednesdays into our summer programming.  Two Wednesday evenings during our summer season were designated for family-oriented activities at the top of Shakespeare Hill.  With the help and sponsorship of Wegmans, we hosted face-painting, mask-making, arts & crafts, and even play sword fighting!  Families joined us for an hour of fun activities before sitting down to enjoy our summer productions.

Stay tuned for our 2020 Wegmans Wednesdays dates!

SDP is a proud Partner with Arts Partners for Learning