Shakespeare in Delaware Park – Campaign for New Stage

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) – Peter Palmisano and Lisa Ludwig (she plays as Lady Capulet) talk with Linda about a capital campaign for a new stage and try to raise it to $1.3 million.

“Romeo & Juliet” will play until July 12th for Shakespeare in Delaware Park.

Shakespeare In Delaware Park and it’s Founder Saul Elkin Improving With Age

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – It is the nation’s second largest Shakespeare festival and continues improving with age, just like it’s founder Saul Elkin. Saul was encouraged to start this annual event in 1976 by his friend and teacher Joseph Papp. Papp was the founder of New York City’s Shakespeare in Central Park.

The annual outdoor Summer theatre event has evolved into a crowd pleaser for people of all ages. Saul describes it this way “this is a wonderful community picnic at which a play happens to be going on” .

Saul is appearing in this season’s first production, Romeo & Juliet-and at age 83 he says it’s a little tougher but “it’s really my heart, what I love to do”

There is a capital campaign underway to fund a new stage by next season. Saul Elkin is responsible for Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s past, still a player in the present and making big plans to insure it’s future.

More info about this season at their website, click here.

Shakespeare turns 40 at Delaware Park

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New stage is set for Shakespeare in Delaware Park

New stage is set for Shakespeare in Delaware Park
By Chris Caya, WBFO 88.7 • 4 hours ago

Some much needed improvements are in store for Shakespeare in Delaware Park.

Plans include replacing the 20 year old stage with modular pieces that can fit into three different configurations. Saul Elkin, SDP Founder and Artistic Director said, the new system will enhance the public’s experience and provide more accessible productions.
A model of one of the three new stage configurations for Shakespeare in Delaware Park.
A model of one of the three new stage configurations for Shakespeare in Delaware Park.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

“The light towers, which now stand in the way of the best sight lines, are being moved to the right and the left and up the hill. It’s going to open up. The hill is going to become a bowl, which is what we always hoped for,” Elkin said.

The $1.3 million project includes new sound and lighting systems and expanded dressing rooms, concessions and prop storage. Elkin says the current stage is barely hanging together

The Chair of the Capital Campaign, Deborah Di Matteo, says about three-quarter of the goal has already been met. She says the plan includes establishing an endowment.

Shakespeare in Delaware Park is the second oldest, and one of the largest, Shakespeare festivals in the country.


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“Romeo and Juliet” full of both romance and action


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – One of the greatest love stories of all time will soon be back on stage in Delaware Park. This season marks Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s 40th anniversary, and the company is bringing back a classic production to celebrate.

The stage is set for the premiere of Romeo and Juliet on Thursday evening.

“We’re still one of the largest free outdoor Shakespeare festivals in the country,” Managing Director Lisa Ludwig told News 4. “We get about 40,000 people every summer. To look out on that hill and see thousands of people when the sun is going down, there’s nothing like it in theater.”

Romeo and Juliet has many romantic moments, but audiences are also in store for an action-packed theater experience. The actors spent a bulk of their rehearsal time on stage the play’s combat scenes.

“For every minute of this, you want an hour of rehearsal time,” explained Jonas Barranca, who plays Romeo.

The show runs through July 12th. Performances are free and begin at 7:30pm. There are no shows on Mondays.

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