Autumnal Affair

SDP’s Annual Autumnal Affair presents

“ET TU, Shakespeare?”

EtTu Blast Info

The Players:
Costa, Marie.BenvolioMarie Hasselback-Costa
Moltane, PatrickPatrick Moltane
Rath, Adam.ParisAdam Rath
Snyder, Tracy (Cred.TomMangione)Tracy Snyder


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SDP Would like to thank our 2014 Sponsors LP

Ciminelli and Hunt Charitable Foundation/Hunt Real Estate Corp., generous in-kind donations from The Burchfield Penney Art Center, Wynne Creative Group, and Philips Lytle LLP, as well as donations from The Jewish Repertory Theatre, Desiderio’s Lancaster Ale House, The Kavinoky Theatre, The Irish Classical Theatre, and our volunteers.


The Cast of HE SAID, SHE SAID. 2014. (From Left to Right) Patrick Moltane, Adam Yellen, Richard Hummert, Darleen Pickering Hummert, Adam Rath, Peter Palmisano, Josie DiVincenzo, Kristin Bentley, Geoff Pictor, Kristen Tripp Kelley, Marie Costa, Director Saul Elkin and Todd Benzin


SDP would like to thank all of the supporters who made our 8th Annual Fall Fundraiser a success!

Special thanks to sponsor LPCiminelli, and generous in kind donations from Rich’s Catering, Leonard Oakes Winery, the Buffalo Seminary and Phillips Lytle LLP.

Henrys Cast Picture

The Cast of HAIL TO THE HENRYS: a preview of Henry V – 2013

Top Row: Dave Lundy, Peter Palmisano, Patrick Moltane, Zak Ward, Tom Loughlin
Bottom Row: Saul Elkin, Susan Drozd, Adam Rath, Gerry Maher, Geoff Pictor & Lisa Ludwig




The Cast of Titus Andronicus





The cast of King John 2011




Mark Poloncarz shows his support of SDP with King John cast member David Lundy
and SDP Managing Director Lisa Ludwig



















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