Here is what some of our Teachers & Students had to say about us:
Teacher comments:

“We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the performers, educators, and artists from Shakespeare in Delaware Park. Their flexible artist-in-residency programs have energized and inspired our students and faculty alike. Recognizing that the writings of Shakespeare are the common thread that bind every grade level in our traditional high school curriculum, we have united as an English Department faculty and with the partnership and cooperation of SDP have extended our instruction beyond the classroom.”
– Peter D’Angelo, Teacher Lockport HS


“Wow! I needed help with Shakespeare and I got it. While I had full faith in the SDP organization, they went above and beyond my expectations. I’m already looking for funding for next year. Don’t miss this opportunity.”
– Kate Muldoon, teacher, Niagara Falls HS


“Students were forced to come out of their shells and dared to at least try –outstanding!”
– Dominic Mazella, teacher, Springville Griffith Institute


“Shakespearience came to our school and wowed all those involved. The students were captivated by the talent and enjoyed all the scenes portrayed. The students and teachers were appreciative of the explanations provided and the background discussed. During the discussion time, the students asked relevant questions which were answered in a clear and knowledgeable way. After the program, the students and teachers all agreed that they would enjoy the experience again.”
– Karen N. Phillips, Riverside HS


“You absolutely converted 12 haters…into lovers.”
– Mr. Clark, Teacher, Niagara Falls HS


Student comments:


“The experience I got out of the Shakespearience was that I finally found out how Shakespeare wanted his work read. I understand what he meant when he wrote things. I loved it.”
-Amanda Gill, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“I love Shakespeare so much more than I ever had before! This class taught me so much, including how to understand Shakespeare on my own. Thank you for all you’ve taught us. I know everyone has a new respect for Shakespeare.”
– Melody Recchione, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“At first I didn’t think I’d like it but it turned out to be MAD fun!”
– Briana Harris, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“First and foremost I would like to say Thank you! You completely changed my opinion on Shakespeare. At first I thought some people (who didn’t even like Shakespeare) were going to try to make us speak in that olden day language, truthfully I thought this whole experience would be ridiculous. I’m actually disappointed in myself because I’m usually open minded to trying new things, but fortunately everything turned out good! I enjoyed it and learned a lot, although I’m not in love with Shakespeare like you Susan, I don’t dislike it anymore. You guys were “mad cool,” and you should definitely come back to the high school, and Susan you don’t need my belt to be fashionable your Shakespeare shirts are awesome…I want one!! Once again, I want to say thanks, you made me comfortable learning Shakespeare and making mistakes, I’m glad I met all three of you! Hope to see you sooner than eventually!”
-Melody Marcantonio, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“I look at Shakespeare so differently now! I have so much more appreciation for his literature pieces. This class was not only interesting, I thought it was so much fun. I would definitely do it again.”
– Tressa Russell, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“It’s an experience I’ll never forget! My understanding for the art of Shakespeare has grown.”
– Jeff Perri, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“I liked the fact that we had fun while we learned. I realized that Shakespeare is an art, and a language that anyone can understand.”
– Michael Jones, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“It was most definitely mad fun. I understand Shakespeare much more and I really hope they come back all the time. They should direct a play here.”
– Janelle Wolbert, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to experience Shakespeare in such an in-depth manner. If your future is in theatre, it should involve Shakespeare.”
-Raphael Santos, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“While reading Shakespeare in English class you don’t get the full effect as you do while performing it and putting it on it’s feet…helps you understand better.”
– Brittany Dier, Student, Niagara Falls High School


“I never thought in a million years I could act out Shakespeare but this experience showed me that anyone could if they tried.”
– Taylor Fitch, Student, Niagara Falls High School


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