Our educational mission is to help students overcome the fear of complex and intimidating text, allowing them to fully benefit from Shakespeare’s great works. Through Theatre Arts and the knowledge of Shakespeare, we help students become inspired, enriched, and give them the opportunity to learn to express themselves in better and more positive ways.

Shakespeare’s texts touch on challenges many individuals face in life…bullying, friendship, honesty, lying, deceit, relationships, courage and even advice: “This above all: to thine own self be true”, an example from Hamlet. These are all relatable issues our children face. Through Acting and Shakespeare exercises, our educational programs give students a new perspective that helps them gain confidence, gives them a voice and an outlet, which can lead to positive change. Our programs can even help define their career path.


In-School Programs

Summer Apprentice Program

“Et Tu, Shakespeare?”

ShakespearIENCED- Summer Classes for Adults



SDP is a proud Partner with APL (Arts Partners for Learning)


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