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We are so excited to announce that SDP is celebrating its 41st anniversary this summer!

Thanks to you, our audience, SDP is the second oldest and one of the largest outdoor Shakespeare festival in the country, but we still remain YOUR community theatre. We exist to serve you and your loved ones – to provide entertainment, tradition, memories and fun for people of all ages. We can take this opportunity to look back at how much we have accomplished over the years.

In the past 40 years SDP has:

 – Entertained over 1.5 million people

 – Provided educational experiences for thousands of local children

 – Become a special point of interest for tourists

 – Remained FREE for everyone to enjoy!

SDP is counting on you to help us continue to deliver free, professional outdoor theatre for the next 40 years. Your membership is extremely important to SDP because it provides resources that make an immediate impact. Your membership dollars will be used right away to benefit our 4th anniversary season by supporting activities for The Winter’s Tale (June 23 – July 17) and The Taming of the Shrew (July 28 – August 21) and ensuring that we have the finest actors, production, and technical staff.

Please consider a membership for Shakespeare in Delaware Park. Memberships may be purchased here through our secure online paypal system, or mailed in (P.O. Box 716, Buffalo, NY 14205).

SDP is committed to remaining a beloved community tradition – for you, for your loved ones, for every person in our community. Your membership truly makes a world of difference. We promise you.

Therefore, please consider:

  • Becoming a member or renewing your membership
  • Increasing your membership to the next highest level, if you are already a member.
  • Encouraging your friends to become members.
  • Asking your employer to become a corporate sponsor.

Your 2016 membership benefits include:

  • 2016 Opening night reception discount
  • Discount on 2016 Autumnal Affair
  • Name listing in 2016 Season Playbill
  • Discount on 2017 Fabulous Feast 
  • Shakespeare merchandise discounts for 2016 summer season
  • Free Gift! (while supplies last)

Membership Levels:

  • $50+ The Groundlings– Basic Member benefits, PLUS a season poster
  • $75+ The Poets – Basic Member benefits, PLUS a Shakespeare mug
  • $150+ The Playwrights – Basic Member benefits, PLUS a set of 2 Shakespeare mugs
  • $250+ The Players – Basic Member benefits, PLUS an SDP T-shirt
  • $500+ The Spirits – Basic Member benefits, PLUS an SDP T-shirt & mug
  • $750+ The Dreamers – Basic Member benefits, PLUS an SDP hoodie & mug
  • $1000+ The Lovers – Basic Member benefits, PLUS an SDP tote & t-shirt
  • $2500+ The Royals – Basic Member benefits, PLUS an SDP tote & hoodie
  • $5000+ The Heroes – Basic Member benefits, PLUS season poster, mug, t-shirt, hoodie and tote

Donate now by downloading our membership form and mailing it in.

Or, donate online using PayPal by clicking the button below:

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2016 Members


Bob and Linda Albano

Janice Alberts

Jared Allison

Fran Altman






Joseph and Janet Antkowiak

Dr. Pamela Vida London and Mr. Thomas Appenheimer

Neil and Jane Arnold

Eleanor (Dolacinski) Ash

Joseph and Nancy Atkinson

Dennis and Linda Aures

Alan and Sally Babcock

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Linda Baroody

Jim and Sue Barrett

Michael and Julie Bastedo

Joan Bauer

Ed and Jane Bednarczyk

Lisa and Tim Bennett

Bruno Blazicko

Shayna and Keren Blumenfeld

Kathleen Boone

Ryan and Amy Bossert

Michael and Laurie Bowers

Ann Marie and Chas Bowman

Paula and Alan Bozer

Val Brandner

Marty and Geri Brecher

Celeste Brickman

Mark and Venus Brighton

Nancy Broderick

Linda Brook

Michele Brown and James Brown

Holly and Dennis Brown

Suzanne Brownstein

David Bunis

Jack and Sandy Burns

Bruce and Kathie Caley

Cynthia Carney

Joyce and Philip Celniker

Scott Carr/Len Cercone

Dr. Sebastian and Marilyn Ciancio

Mary-Louise Clark

Don and Elaine Clutterbuck

Grace Costantini

Mahlen and Jackie Cummins

Joseph and Elaine Cusker

Patricia Daleo

Mina Davis

Scott and Dawn DeLuca

Kevin Demme

Carl Dennis

Tim and Mary Ellen Devine

Sue Dewitt

Dr. Daniel DiCenso

Carol Dillenburg

Diane Donnelly

Linda and Charles Donner

Mary Beth Sodini and James Douglass

Marguerite Drinnan

Riley Dungan

Douglas Easton

Jean M. Edgcomb

Art Efron and Ruth Kirstein

Emily Elkin and Chris & Rebecca Elkin-Young

Daniel Emmer

The Endres Family

Marie Evans

Karen Falkner

Eli Farhi and Emily Friedan

Jerre and Amy Feagin

Bob and Donna Fitzgerald

Jackie and Peter Flynn

Regina Forni

Florence Fradin

Valeria Franczyk

Mr. Fronckowiak

Bill and Janet Ganley

Steven Gregoritch and Elizabeth Gast

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gawley

Marcia and Slade Gellin

Howard and Lillian Gondree

Peter and Mary Grace

Denise Grandits

Scott Sroka and Marla Greenberg

Bob and Cathy Greene

The Greggs

Linda Franchell and Jesse Grossman

Penelope Prentice and James Grunebaum

Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Jennifer Haas

Diane and Karl Hagler

Brad Hahn

Robert and Kathryn Hallborg

Mark R. Hammer

Ron and Sharon Harshman

Dr. Colleen Kennedy and Dr. Jason Harshman

Tina and Jim Hatem

Stephen and Pamela Henderson

Joyce Herbeck

Lynn Magdol and Scott Hewlett

Bonita Hodur

Paul Hojnacki

Paul A. Hojnacki

Judy Huber

Dan and Linda Hunter

Kathleen Hunter

Martha and Tom Hyde

The Jadoch Family

Francine Jaroszewski

Barbara and Jan Jezioro

Paul F. and Catherine A. Jones

Mary Jozwiak

Gerald and Anna Karlnoski

Gerald and Barbara Kelly

Les Greenbaum and Judy Kerr

John and Carol Kimmmerle

Dottie Kinan

In Loving Memory of Deborah E. Kisker

Mark P. and Deborah E. Kisker

Knights Gate Foundation

Susan Koral

Susan J. Kowalewski

Andrea and William Krause

Ed and Liz Krawczyk

Katherine Kubala

Michael and Andrea Kuettel

Bob and Deb Kutzuba

David Lampe

Amy Jo Lauber

Deborah A. Lawler

Shawn and Kristin Lemay

Barbara Libby

Dorothy M. Lien

Lin-Hill Family

Joelle Logue

Sheila and Len London

Tom and Ann Marie Loughlin

Lisa Ludwig

Mari McNeil and David Lundy

Angle and S. Magavern

The Manch Family

Kenneth and Frances Manly

Pam Marchewka-Cornwell

Marjorie Barnett and Ira Brad Matesky

Jennifer May

Timothy and Noreen McAllister

Mary McCall

Judy McClelland

Steve Jakiel and Mary McMahon

Paul Meloon and Family

Dr. Peter Siedlecki and Lynnette Mende

Joseph-Michael Midura

John Segmen and Arlene Miles

Evelyn Miller

Mrs. Rose Mistretta

Joan and Mark Mullin

Brian and Jayne Murray

Paul Murrett

Jill and Jubal Myer

Ms. Jay Neubecker

Monica Neuwirt

Edward and Susan Nickson

Veronica Noah

Mr. and Mrs. William and Pamela Nordstrom

Wallace J. and Barbara E. Ochterski

Peter Palmisano

Catherine Nugent and Marc Panepinto

Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Katherine Parker

Marsha Shapiro and Gregory Pavlov

Mr. Gordon Crock and Ms. Shirley Peterson

Maria Testa and Tom Petrocelli

Kimberly Phelan

Ann and Howard Pikoff

Lansing and Pamela Pollock

Susan and Dennis Potocki

Mr. and Mrs. William Priester

Dale and John Przylucki

Anne Quackenbush

Jean Rachlin

Nick and Liz Randell

Renee and Ron Rechan

Robert Reeves

Gary and Anna Marie Richmond

Gary and Caroline Rimlinger

Sujata Yalamanchili and Kent Roberts

Michael Robinson

Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin

Kenneth and Kathleen Rogers

Mary Anne Rokitka

Charles Rozo

Dianne Rubin

John and Mary Ann Rusnak

Anne Saldanha

Ann B. Salter

Schaefer Family

Dr. Lawrence Van Heusen and Mr. Robert A. Scharf

Richard Schroeder

Karen, Jim and Derek Schultz

Karen and Jim Schultz

Karen and Bruce Sckolnick

Mary Ann Seifert

Eugene Setel

Norman and Gail Sfeir

Dr. and Mrs. David Shapiro

Matthew and Antoinette Shriver

William and Estelle Siener

Alan and Marley Smith

Thomasina and Jesse Smith

Pamela Snyder

Robert and Susan Sorensen

Phyllis Spears

Phil and Marie Stevens

Deborah Stewart

Herman and Margaret Stone

Kaylie Streit

George and Melissa Streit

William and Nancy Stuckwisch

Kathleen Sullivan

Dr. and Mrs. Sultz

Susan Summers

Richard and Mary Swist

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Kathy Szakmary

Karen Taggart

The Tharp Family

Laurie Titran

Mr. and Dr. Terence Upton

Lawrence and Evelyn Valetich

Susan Van Remmen

Vandercher & Dick Funderal Home

Gerald and Carol Wahlenmayer

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Evelyn Wakshull

Debbie Erwin and David Weeks

Lauren Wetzelberg

Christine and Nick Whitman

Jennifer Wiede

Donald Williams

Wayne and Janet Wisbaum

Karen and Mark Wozniak

Carol and Jim Wrzosek

Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Linda Yax

Lourdes Ylagan

Mary Young

Renate Yuhnke

Mike and Shirley Zahm

Paul Zarembka

David Zawistowski

Bob and Kathy Zielinski

Linda Marsh and Arthur Ziller

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