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2017 Members

Richard Adams

Janice Alberts

Sue Fay Allen

Jared Allison

Fran Altman


Dr. Pamela Vida London and Mr. Thomas Appenheimer

Neil and Jane Arnold

Eleanor (Dolacinski) Ash

Nancy Atkinson

Alan and Sally Babcock

Bernice Baeumler

Christine Bakewell

Ted Balant

Mark and Kate Ballard

Anne Marie Bantle

Jim and Sue Barrett

Daniel and Mary Barry

Michael and Julie Bastedo

Ruth Baum

Mrs. Victoria Beck Newman

Ed and Jane Bednarczyk

Candace Lynn Bell

Lisa Bennett

Dianne Bennett

Margot Bennett Mitschow

Jeff and Betsy Berchou

Richard G. Berger

Jennifer Bialek

Lisa and Ted Bickford

Bruno Blazicko

James and Barbara Bono

Kathleen Boone

Kathy and Charlie Border

Russ and Theresa Bornholdt

Amy and Ryan Bossert

Michael and Laurie Bowers

Charles and Ann Marie Bowman

Nancy Brady

Val Brandner

Geri and Marty Brecher

Laurence Brickman

Venus and Mark Brighton

Nancy Broderick

Linda Brook

James A and Michele Brown

Holly and Dennis Brown

Suzanne Brownstein

Jack and Sandy Burns

Bruce and Kathie Caley

John and Beth Carey

Diana Louise Carter

Mark and Rose Marie Castner

Christina and Chuck Casto

Philip and Joyce Celniker

Scott Carr/Len Cercone

Joanne Q. Chmura

Jeff A. Choroser

Mary-Louise Clark

Elizabeth Bailey-Sands Clay

Elaine and Don Clutterbuck

Howard Lasker and Mary Alice Coffroth

Anthony J. Colucci Jr.

Cynthia Comella

Grace Costantini

Mahlen and Jacqueline Cummins

Joseph and Elaine Cusker

Patricia Daleo

Scott and Dawn DeLuca

Jennifer Demert

Kevin Demme

Carl Dennis

Tim and Mary Ellen Devine

Mike and Sue DeWitt

Deborah Di Matteo

Dr. Daniel DiCenso

Carol Dillenburg

Deborah DiMatteo

Joan M. Doerr

Diane Donnelly

Linda and Charles Donner

Joseph Donofrio

Bertie Donovan

Christine Donovan Bub

Christine Doran

Julia Drinnan-Doran, Thomas Doran

Mary Beth Sodini and James Douglass

Marguerite Drinnan

Katy and Kiana Duggan-Haas

Ruth Irene Dwigans

Douglas Easton

Jean M. Edcomb

Ted and Mary Michael Egan

Daniel Emmer

The Endres Family

Entice Family

Larry Erb

Raymond and Karen Ernst

David Kaye and Emily Ets-Hokin

Marie Evans

Ken Punnett, Marilee Evans and their offspring

Catherine Faust

Marie Ferraro

Kim Ferullo

Bob and Donna Fitzgerald

Russell Fleischman

Tom Fontana

Florence Fradin

Valeria Franczyk

Marvin and Marcia Frankel

Brenda Freedman

Paul Fronckowiak

Mr. Steven Gregoritch and Ms. Elizabeth Gast

Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Gawley

Drs. Marcia and Slade Gellin

Abigail Marie Gervase

Lynda Glascott

Catherine Goldman

Mark Goldman

Dr. Grant Golden and Deborah Goldman

Howard and Lillian Gondree

The Gothgen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grace

Denise Grandits

Bob and Cathy Greene

The Greggs

Regina Grol

Richard Gronostajski

Linda Franchell and Jess Grossman

Keith Grover

Bill and Dawn Groves

Penelope Prentice and James Grunebaum

John and Shirley Guagliardi

Mr. and Mrs. David and Valerie Haarmeyer

Kathy Haggerty

Brad Hahn

Suzanne Hall

Robert and Kathryn Hallborg

Jordana Halpern

Hailey and Sophia Hamilton

Mark and Janice Hammer

Hanna Holden and John Harris

Ron and Sharon Harshman

Edwin Hart

Tina and Jim Hatem

Sharon M. Heim

Thomas Rolle, Deborah Henning

The Herrman Girls

Lynn Magdol and Scott W. Hewlett

Thomas and Sharon Hewner

Rick and Joyce Hill

Andy Hilton

Steven Hoak

Bonita A. Hodur

Paul A. Hojnacki

Kyle and Doug Hopkins

Donald and Deborah Houck

Martha How

Philip and Dee Hubbell

Judith Huber

Ardyth and Scott Hughes

Daniel and Linda Hunter

Mary Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hyde

Donald R. Ingalls

Deborah Insalaco

Tom and Reyne Jankowski

Kirk Jensen

Barbara Austin and Tom Johnson

Anastasia K. Johnson, PhD


Brent and Tara Josefiak

Allison Joseph

William Gibbons and Sylvia Kaptein

James and Margaret Keane

Jane and John Kearns

Gerald and Barbara Kelly

Walter Moss and Kimberly Kelly

Debbie and Will Keresztes

Omar Khan

John and Carol Kimmerle

Dottie Kinan

Arthur Efron and Ruth Kirstein

In Loving Memory of Deborah E. Kisker

Kristin J. Kisker

Donald A. Knecht

Tod A. Kniazuk

Susan M. Koral

Joe and Gerry Kowalski

Andrea and William Krause

Ed and Liz Krawczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Ann Kresse

June Kreutzer

Christine Kroetsch

Michael Krupa

Sandra Kruszczynski

Katherine Kubala

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kutzuba

Anne Kyzmir

Michael and Cynthia Langer

J R Lanham

Hope Lavin

Don and Miriam Lawrence

Ron and Donna Leiser

Shawn and Kristin Lemay

Merredith Levin

Barbara Libby

Jane and Mike Licata

Dorothy M. Lien

Joel Lippes

Charlotte Loeffler

Peter and Beth Loehr

Joelle Logue

Sheila and Leonard London

Cristine Lucas

Heather and Nathaniel Lucek

Ellen Luckenbach Moomaw

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Patricia MacClernnan

Jayne D. Mack

David Magavern

M. Angle and S. Magavern

Bill and Linda Maggio

Kimberly Maher

The Manch Family

Sally Marles

Jennifer May

Timothy and Noreen McAllister

Mary B McCall

Andrea and Michael McClain

Judith McClelland

Elizabeth McClintick

John and Donna McKenna

Stephen Jakiel and Mary McMahon

David Lundy and Mari McNeil

Diane Melillo

Paul Meloon and Family

Joseph M. Midura

John Segmen and Arlene Miles

Evelyn and Robert Miller

Rose Mistretta

Joan and John Mooney

James Moran

Michelle Morlock

Joan and Mark Mullin

Chris Murawski

Patrick and Donna Murphy

Jayne and Brian Murray

Louis and Marilyn Mussari

Jill and Jubal Myer

Ms. Jay Neubecker

Edward and Susan Nickson

Veronica Noah

William and Pamela Nordstrom

Jerry McGuire and Fay Northrop

Larry Nowak

Lois B. O’Brian

Michael O’Brien

Kate K. S. Olena


Lynn Oswald

Marc Panepinto

Roger Paolini

Jason and Katherine Parker

Patricia Hills and Rob Patterson

Biagio Patti

Gordon Crock and Shirley Peterson

Kimberly Phelan

Bill and Sarah Pictor and Family

Lansing and Pamela Pollock

Susan and Dennis Potocki

Mr. and Mrs. William Priester, Jr.

John and Dale Przylucki

Maureen and Doug Purcell

Mary Pyrak

Anne Quackenbush

Jean Rachlin

Nicholas and Elizabeth Randell

Nick and Jennifer Rastelli

Robert Reeves

Elaine and Butch Reichmuth

Janet and Jim Renda

Thomas and Deborah Renzi

Lois F. Renz

Jerry and Sue Reynell

Gary and Anna Marie Richmond

Ridall Family

Jane and Mike Ried

Caroline and Gary Rimlinger

Al and Cindy Ripley

Sujata Yalamanchili and Kent Roberts

M. Robinson

Cheryl Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robson

Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin

Kenneth Rogers

Mary Anne Rokitka

Monica A. Roland

Gerriann Ronsen

Howard and Valerie Rosenhoch

Charles Rozo

Randy Rucinski

Randy Rucinski

John and Mary Ann Rusnak

Carolyn Klotzbach and Chris Russell

Kathy and Bill Russo

Eileen Ryan

Maryann Saccomando Freedman

Ann B. Salter

Robin Sanders

Nora and Tony Scaglione

Laura Scala

Pastor Lynn Scarpine

Karen and Jim Schultz

Frank and Vanessa Scinta

Karen and Bruce Sckolnick

Karen and Jim Schultz

Laurie M. Seier

Mary Ann Seifert

Maxine S. Seller

Norman Sfeir, MD

Gregory Pavlov and Marshia Shapiro

Dave and Mary Shapiro

Caren and Stuart Shapiro

Dr. Van Heusen and Mr. Scharf

Matthew and Antoinette Shriver

Lynette Mende and Peter Siedlecki

William and Estelle Siener

Ron and Pauline Sipos

Aaron Slosman

Kellie Smith

Alan and Marley Smith

Ed and Joanne Smith

Thomasina and Jesse Smith

Joel and Suzanne Snitzer

Pamela Snyder

Dean Haas and Jennifer Snyder-Haas

Kate Soudant

David M. Pratt and Celia N. Spacone

Scott Sroka and Marla Greenberg

Caroline A. Steele

Phillips Stevens

Deborah Stewart

Lori Stilwell

Chris and Dave Stocking

Dr. and Mrs. Herman Stone

Melissa and George Streit

Christy Stroman

Nancy Stuckwisch

Mary K. Sullivan

Kathleen M. Sullivan

Susan V. Summers

Dean and Bonnie Swoger

Gary and Kathy Szakmary

Karen and Pauline Taggart

Karen Tashjian

Suzanne Taub

Maria Testa

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Agnes Testa

The Tharp Family

R & L Titran

Ray and Kathy Tucker

Terence L. Upton

Vandercher & Dick Funeral Home

Jill and Larry Vogel

Christine E. Wagner

John Walsh

Sandra Walters-Toth

Valerie Warren

The Weisses

Claude Welch

J. Dudley West

Nick and Christine Whitman

Don Williams

Mrs. Kathleen Wiltrout and Mr. Greg Wiltrowe

Dr. and Mrs. Peter and Kendra Winkelstein

Wayne and Jate Wisbaum

Mary F. Young

Renate E. Yuhnke

Susan Z.

Mike and Shirley Zahm

Paul Zarembka

Robert and Kathy Zielinski

Jodie Zimmerman

Helen Zimmermann

Lawrence and Melanie Zollinger

John J. Zurek



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