“Summer in Buffalo = Shakespeare in the Park. A must see!!!” -SDP Audience Member
“I love attending the performances in the park. This is one of the cultural events that makes our city a great place to live.” -SDP Audience Member

It was just a few short months ago that Shakespeare in Delaware Pak (SDP) was performing outdoors on warm summer nights for you and so many others in our community to enjoy. Sharing a meal with your family and friends, enjoying the beautiful park view with the sun setting behind the stage while you watch FREE live theatre – there is no question that the SDP experience is one-of-a-kind in Western New York! When you attend an SDP performance, you are not just a member of the audience…you are an integral part of this very special Buffalo summer tradition.

As our 41st Anniversary year comes to a close, we are looking ahead to the next 41 years with excitement and anticipation! Thanks to the funds raised through our special capital campaign, SDP will premiered our new stage during the 2016 season which offered a better theatre experience and more artistic flexibility for our audience…for you!

Now, more than ever, your annual contribution is essential to SDP. Your gift will be used to support our 2017 regular season activities for The Merry Wives of Windsor and Macbeth including:

  • set and costume design
  • casting talented actors
  • the finest production and technical staff
  • educational programs for youth and adults

All of this will ensure that we can provide another magical summer experience for you!

Thanks to people like you, SDP has touched the lives of (literally) millions of people over the last 40 years. SDP is the second oldest and one of the largest outdoor Shakespeare festivals in the country, but SDP is still YOUR community theatre. We exist to serve you and your loved ones – to provide entertainment, tradition, memories and fun.

Please join us and support SDP’s annual appeal today. Thank you in advance for your generosity!



S.Elkin                         LaLaSign                                                                                                                                     

Saul Elkin                                Lisa Ludwig

Founder/Artistic Director      Managing Director


PS – Remember to save the date for our 23rd Annual Fabulous Feast – Saturday, March 18, 2017 – Voted Best Long-Standing Fundraiser by Buffalo Spree Magazine.



Donors of SDP:

Sue Fay Allen

Jared Allison

Margot Bennett

James Biltekoff

Richard Blondell

Barbara and James Bono

Kathleen Boone

Philip and Barbara Brogadir

Carrie and Larry Brooks

Ann and Steven Bunch

John and Sandra Burns

Richard Gronostajski and Chris Campbell

John and Beth Carey

Scott Carr and Len Cercone

Rudolph and Ann Casarsa

Sebastian and Marilyn Ciancio

Paul Cieslik

Elaine Clutternuck

Dawn Cordero

Carl Dennis

Michael and Susan Dewitt

Carol Dillenburg

Joe and Joette DiPerna

Mary Beth Sodini and James Douglass

Irene Dwigans

Mary and Frank Eberl

Art Efron

Mary Evanco-Caryk

Gerry Evans

Karen Falkner

William Fenston

Bob and Donna Fitzgerald

Robert  Fitzpatrick

Jackie and Peter Flynn

Jack P.   Freer

Michael Frisch and Jo Freudenheim

Judith Frizlen

William and Janet Ganley

The Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation

Don and Allison Girod

Kenneth and Adrianne Graber

Carl Granger

Christopher Greene

Regina Grol


Keith Grover

Mark Hammer

Taylor and Courtney Hamp

Shehla Haque

Edwin Hart

Philip and Sandra Hasselback

John Herbert

Thomas and Sharon Hewner

Bob Hill

Marilyn Hochfield

Melvin and Jennifer Hoffman

Hannah Holden

Daniel and Linda Hunter

Patrick and Gail Janiga

Patricia and Thomas Johnson

Diane Jones

Linda and Kenneth Kahn

Marie Keller

Les Greenbaum and Judy Kerr

Linda Kingsbury

Kevin B. Kulick

Allison Kunze

Jeanine Kuwik

Ron and Donna Leiser

Michael and Jane Licata

Andree and Joel  Lippes

Kathy Lippman

Edward and Charlotte Loeffler

Thomas  Loughlin

Paul and Patricia MacClennan

Larry and Elaine Mattar

Michael McClain

Judith McClelland

Mary Ann Monroe

Megan and Andy Morris

Eugene Morse

Anna Moskal

Peter Munich

James and Victoria Newman

Larry Nowak

Marcia  Nowak

Matt Obrien

Ted Pietrzak

Kathleen Piske

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Pyrak

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J.  Regan

Lois F. Renz

Dennis Resutek

Mark Ridall

Kathleen Rizzo Young

Doris Roder

Mary Anne Rokitka

Howard and Valerie Rosenhoch

Barbara  Ruff

Mary Jane Russell

Anne Saldanha

Elizabeth and Kathryn Sands

Michael Scerra

Marshia Shapiro

James and Carol Spedding

Valerie  Spiller

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Stevens III

Jeff and Eileen Stone

Jeanne and Jerry Sultz

Dean Swoger

Delphine Szczesniak

Suzanne Taub

Namita and Ian Thomas

John and Susan Thomas

Virginia Riordan and Michael A. Tritto, Jr.

James Wadsworth

Claude Welch

Kristen Wells

Frank Winter

Wayne and Janet Wisbaum

Lourdes Ylagan

Douglas Young

George and Helen Zimmermann

Dick and Lynda Zolnowski

John Zurek

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