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Shakespeare in Delaware Park Announces Shakespearience Intern Performance TONIGHT!!!!

SHAKESPEARIENCE, (Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s high school intern program) will be holding a performance on Friday August 12, 2011th at 6:15 pm, prior to Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s main stage performance of AS YOU LIKE IT.  (A return performance with take place at the Buffalo Public Library on Monday August 15 at 12pm)


Some call this intern production the “Bee’s Knees!” Some call it the “Cat’s Pajamas!” Some even call it the “Elephant’s instep!”  We call it “Shakespearience!” and not to “Blow our own trumpet,” but we think it is “a good time had by all!”  So join us for the fun!


Shakespearience is truly a collaborative process.  The teacher (Susan Drozd) and students have rehearsed four days a week for three weeks and have worked together to work  the script, develop the concept and perfect their Shakespearian characters.  This educational experience for the students promises to be a fun filled entertaining performance for the audience.


The Shakespearience Program is open to area high school students and is designed to provide in-depth theatrical experience with theatre professionals.  Each session runs for five weeks, beginning the week prior to regularly schedule professional Shakespeare in Delaware Park performances. In addition to attending classes, students gain hands-on experience in a professional production as part of SDP technical crew.


All performances are FREE of charge.


Shakespeare in Delaware Park is now in its 36th Season of FREE Shakespeare. AS YOU LIKE IT runs nightly at 7:30pm until August 14th.    Shows take place on Shakespeare Hill in Delaware Park, next to Hoyt Lake behind the Rose Garden, off Lincoln Parkway near the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Further information may be obtained at or by calling (716) 856-4533


Summer Adventure Series: Buffalo Bike Adventures Near and Far

Summer Adventure Series: Buffalo Bike Adventures Near and Far

Dave Harter Reporting for Green Options Buffalo:

Near – Shakespeare in Delaware Park

Shakespeare in Delaware Park has the crown for my favorite date spot in Buffalo. Riding up to the park with a blanket on my rack and panniers full of snacks still gets me way more pumped than most other potential date venues. I remember seeing Much Adu About Nothing on The Hill in my teens with a date who had not yet ventured to this Buffalo treasure. She thought it was about the coolest thing in the world and I (as most teenage boys on a date with a swooning girl might) felt like Zeus. “Thank you Shakespeare in the Park,” I thought, while packing up the blanket and pondering the appropriate timing for the goodnight kiss I was now sure to maneuver.

This weekend marks the closing of Shakespeare in the Park’s 2011 season with the final performances of As You Like It. Like Much Adu About Nothing, As You Like It is a rolling comedy filled with precarious romance, well-intentioned (though disastrous) errors and of course, weddings. This is a perfect date show and your bicycle is the perfect date vehicle. Shakespeare in the Park is even willing to reward you for choosing a healthy, community friendly transport option. If you ride your bike to the show with your Bicycle Benefits sticker slapped on your helmet you’ll get %10 off at the merchandise table.

So take some of that money you save on gas, repairs, oil changes and parking from riding your bicycle all summer and take someone special out for some giggles at Shakespeare Hill. With gas hovering around $4/gallon you should be able to afford a generous donation to this (astonishingly) FREE production (employing lots of local actors and technicians!) and still have plenty left over to buy some neat merchandise with your Bicycle Benefits reward. Afterwards you might just be happy that you supported one of the world’s largest outdoor Shakespeare festivals (right here in beautiful Buffalo, NY) or perhaps you’ll also feel like throwing some lightning around.

Shows start at 7:30 on Shakespeare Hill in Delaware Park behind the Rose Garden. Coming early is recommended. Shows run through Sunday and are weather contingent.

SHAKESPEARE IN DELAWARE PARK ANNOUNCES “AS YOU HELP US” Campaign $10,000 Family Foundation Matching Grant Challenge

Shakespeare in Delaware Park (SDP) is pleased to announce that a Family Foundation (which wishes to remain anonymous) has authorized a Challenge grant of $10,000 to Shakespeare in Delaware Park in support of future professional productions and ongoing educational work.


In response to this challenge, Shakespeare in Delaware Park announces their “AS YOU HELP US” Campaign, which will take place closing weekend of SDP crowd favorite AS YOU LIKE IT.    On Friday August 12th, Saturday August 13th and Sunday August 14th , all hill donations from audience members  will go specifically towards this $10,000 matching grant.


With the many struggles SDP has faced this year, including budget cuts from Erie County and unsure support from the City of Buffalo, we are proud to be celebrating 36 incredible years of high-quality professional theatre which remains FREE for the public to enjoy.   We are very grateful to all or our sponsors, audience members and Foundations like this who are determined to keep SDP alive and well for another 36 years and beyond.


So join us this weekend at Shakespeare In Delaware Park, enjoy the words of the Bard under a star filled sky in a beautiful Olmsted park and dig a little deeper as every ducat counts just a little bit more.


Shows take place on Shakespeare Hill in Delaware Park, next to Hoyt Lake behind the Rose Garden, off Lincoln Parkway near the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Further information about Shakespeare in Delaware Park can be obtained at or by calling (716) 856-4533. Make sure to like us at

WBFO As You Like It Interview

Interview on WBFO for As You Like It.

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