By Elena Cala Buscarino
From Buffalo Rising, 8/11/07

Last night, BRO/BRM teamed up with WBFO at Shakespeare in the Park. We ran a contest to see who might come up with a winning sonnet/poem praising Buffalo. We collected over 40 entries, and let me tell you, we have some true writers out there. The winner, chosen at random, was one of those people.

Ode to Buffalo
By Margaret Price

Where place, but the Queen City,
to walk through a rosey garden?

To be treated to a professional production
of a play written by none other than the bard himself?

And the cost—not a pence; available to every soul
schooled in literature, or merely in life.

And this, only one of the extraordinary offerings
of this extraordinary place.

Let us share our secret,
with those near and far.

Buffalo, truly the queen,
and we her subjects fortunate.

We will share more in the coming days. Special thanks to Tom at Pavlov’s Togs, the Shakespeare in the Park people, our great audience, WBFO, and especially WBFO’s Gabe DiMaio, whose presentation of the contest was more than we could have hoped for.